Social Distancing With SODAR

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Lately, government bodies of various countries have decided to loosen up the lockdown in order to regulate economic activities. Although it is not safe, it is necessity of the time. While people in medical sector are hustling to create a cure for novel corona virus, technical minds are putting an effort to mitigate the chance of virus contraction. For now, taking necessary steps and precautions are only ways to prevent COVID-19 spread. Considering criticality of the situation, lately, Google has launched an AR –based tool, named as ‘Sodar’ that will assist people in maintaining distance of 6ft or 2 meters approximately.

How Sodar helps?

Primarily, the application indicates where distance of 2 meters end in real time using a line. While the user walks, one will be able to maintain the distance in every direction. All an individual needs to do is follow these steps-

Till now, there is no assurance of accuracy of the distance, it is just estimation. The application is yet in experimental phase. Hence, it can only be accessed using chrome browser in an Android phone. The iOS users will have to wait for advanced version.

Maintain Social distance with Google and Prevent COVID-19!